First Healthcare IT Security Assessment Marketplace To Launch


January 8, 2019

First Healthcare IT Security Assessment Marketplace To Launch

Corsis announces technology spin-off, Datafy LLC, to help healthcare companies cut through the complexity of IT security assessments and bring life-saving advancement to market sooner.

Livingston, New Jersey – January 8, 2019 – Corsis, an innovator in technology assessments that revolutionized the way investors and executives discover risks and opportunities within their technology investments, today, announced the launch of Datafy LLC, the world’s first healthcare IT security assessment marketplace.

Formed out of a spin-off of Corsis’s powerful IT assessment and scoring platform, Datafy addressed the massive inefficiencies in the healthcare ecosystem that affect stakeholders at all levels. This includes providers who rely on ineffective and burdensome spreadsheets to assess hundreds of vendors a year and vendors who must navigate myriad formats and individual standards making compliance difficult. Heightened government regulation, financial and reputational risks all add to the challenges. These issues are costly to everyone and create lengthy and cumbersome processes that slow the adoption of new life-saving solutions and put patients’ personal data at risk.

Datafy’s marketplace approach allows providers and vendors to collaborate securely using a common security template. Datafy will reduce the complexity for providers who must assess the security of hundreds of technology vendors each year by employing streamlined workflows that deliver quantifiable results, faster and more efficiently than commonplace manual methods. By entering information once and sharing it with multiple providers, Datafy will help vendors navigate an assessment process that’s confusing, labor-intensive and different for each provider.

“Datafy is a brilliant use of the groundbreaking technology assessment and scoring platform developed over the years at Corsis. Our platform has been used to assess the IT operations of hundreds of healthcare companies and is perfectly positioned to address the complexities in this market” said Gregg Alwine, CEO of Corsis LLC.

Corsis founder David Barnett, will assume the CEO role at Datafy while maintaining an advisory role at Corsis. Barnett notes, “The path to healthcare innovation has never been more complex. Using the technology spun out of Corsis, the entire healthcare ecosystem can benefit.” Barnett goes on to state that “With the help of Datafy, the industry can easily fulfill compliance requirements, ensure data privacy and bring life-saving advancements to market sooner.”